Orsolya Sárosi
Gábor Rajnai
email: g.rajnai@chello.hu


Gábor Rajnai
voice, lute, guitar
Anna Orsolya Sárosi
keyboard instruments

The artistic-educational activity of the Sárosi-Rajnai married couple complete that of each other from many respect. They play music with their students: by the help of their special instrumental-vocal combinations they give their students the delightful experience of making music together which lets them find pleasure even in the beginnings of their musical studies. She and he carry out their pedagogical and musical duties in excellent and fruitful cooperation. As performing artists their repertoire comprises a wide range of vocal and instrtumental pieces from the different styles of European music. Among their most important virtues are their colourful instrumentation, the great variety of their repertoire and an intelligent adaptation to the atmosphere and audience of various performances.

  • Full time concerts
  • Short participations on different events
  • Sacred music
  • Dressed in renaissance costums if required
  • Background music from soft lute-songs and dances to rag-times
  • Castles, churches, galleries, hotels . . .

CD recordings
Renaissance dances & Dowland songs 1999
Sárosi Anna Orsolya - Compositions 2000

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