There are places deep beneath the surface of the earth, places seen by few mortal eyes, places guarded by dragons and supernatural creatures, where, in days of yore, followers of obscure teachings chose to shield the records of their knowledge from the profane. You are here either because you have been invited here, or you have stumbled onto this archive by a lucky accident. This byway isn't easy to find.

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Pilgrimage to a Frozen Tuscany  A very personal essay on an unusual first trip to Italy.  
 Eastern Passages    A collection of material (articles, essays, short stories) originally published as a p-book, most of it previously published,written during and about the rapid changes Budapest went through in the nineties.
 Midday: The Book of Acquired Wisdom  If you arrive at the edge of middle age in relatively good shape, you deserve to occasionally wax aphoristic.  

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