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Institute for Hermetic Studies

This is a list of articles – some for free, some for sale – from a contemporary school of esoteric studies, run by one-time AMORC officer Mark Stavish.

Meta Religion

A collection of links to articles from the internet on a wide variety of spiritual topics. This link is to the esoteric page.

Mystical Keys

This site focuses on Qabalah

Cygnus Books

Cygnus Books publishes a magazine called the Cygnus Review. This page contains links to articles that have appeared there over the years. They are all extracts from their books.

Prometheus Trust

From their own About Us page: “The Prometheus Trust is a registered educational charity dedicated to the restoration of the ancient mystery tradition of the west, as a living counterpart to that of the East.  This tradition embraces both religion and philosophy and leads its students to the discovery of psychosophy - the wisdom of the soul.” This is their links to classical philosophy and mythology.

Alchemy Journal

The archives of this e-mail journal; seven years of issues in PDF and an alphabetical listing of articles.

GLASS BEAD GAME--Cosmic Play In a Symbolic Universe

A strange collection of spiritual/philosophical/esoteric material and links, loosely connected to Hermann Hesse’s masterwork.


Odd ball collection of articles and source materials in several languages. Beware: creator had axe to grind. Doesn’t diminish the value of original source materials.

Flamel College Library Original texts on alchemy, kaballah, sacred mathematics, healing arts, meditation, the Hermetic sciences

From their own About US page: “Flamel College is the largest Hermetic education portal on the Internet and is open to anyone seeking instruction and certification in the Hermetic Sciences and Esoteric Arts. Founded in 1968 in Vienna, Austria, the college began as regular meetings of European alchemists studying in the tradition of Nicolas Flamel. Those informal meetings gradually grew into an international college with students and instructors in over twenty-five countries.” Their library contains a wealth of source texts.

Free Yoga Books Online

Page title says it all. Online Esoteric Library

Fairly self explanatory. Golden Dawn oriented.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

Tales are told of bibliophiles who wandered into this vast archive, and were never seen again. And it keeps growing… - B. Slade

A young scholar of Indo-Germanic linguistics with bizarre taste in research topics.

The Veritas Society’s Magic eBooks Page

The Veritas Society is “a community which focuses on discussing, studying, teaching, and learning the metaphysical arts.” And their library page is awesome.

RealMagick – The Occult Library

From their own page: “RealMagick is a resource and library dedicated to fostering research and sharing of knowledge in areas deemed beyond the purview of standard science: i.e. Wicca, Paganism, General Religion, Philosophy, Occult, Parapsychology, and the Paranormal. RealMagick presents recent and historical documents and research, basic and advanced articles and products through an easy-to-use, highly cross-referenced database. Much of the information on this site is contributed by our readers and affiliates. Read about astrology, magick, astral projection, wicca, gods, goddesses, tarot, spirituality and more. You can contribute articles as well."

The Hermetic Fellowship Library

“This site is dedicated to serving as a general resource for students and practitioners of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and as a specific resource for the Alexandrine Temple of the Hermetic Fellowship, located in Portland, Oregon, USA.” And another awesome library.

Servants of the Light

A respected esoteric school. A nice collection of articles.

The Equinox

I once heard it said that if it can be digitalized, someone has uploaded it to the Internet. This site is living proof of that theory. The official organ of Uncle Al’s own magickal order, in all its glory.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® Archival Resources -

Pretty self explanatory

The Mystica

An online mystical/occult encyclopaedia

The Big View

A collection of articles written by Thomas Knierim. The book on Pre-Socractic Greek philosophers is useful for AMORC students in the 5th degree. Lots of stuff on Buddhism.

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica

Great original source material