Kubb !


What on Earth Kubb is? Well, it is the name of a fascinating game to play outdoor. It is generally thought to origin from the Vikings, I met it in Sweden. The game is very popular in North-Europe, they call it Kubb in Sweden and Russia. In England Bowler or Block is the term for it. At first the rules may seem a bit difficult, but don't worry, everything will be clear and self-evident after the first few turns! All who tried had a joyful pastime!

Kubb is played with logs and sticks. Although it is an aim and hit game, you must not be extremely skilful to play. There may be 2-12 players without any respect to age, muscle or sex; you can play wherever you find a minor smooth spot. It is a stirring entertainment in the garden, on the beach, an ideal partygame even if the weather turns to chilly and windy a little. By the way, it was invented in North...

You can easily create a Kubb set yourself if you have good tools and appropriate timber. A piece of advice:
Avoid pinewood! It is cheap but soft, so become bruised and rough in a few matches.

If your are not a great do-it-yourselfer, you also can buy a Kubb set from us.
If you want to order,
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Rules of the Kubb (pdf)

Kubb set from Hungary:








you may have it for 24.49 euros + shipping fee.

Online Kubb demo from Sören Gannholm on Stavar to explain the basic rules (Flash5)

last update: 2006. 04. 24.