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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Did you know that you can increase the life span of your tennis strings?
Tennis strings break because they sew each other. Putting small polyethylene pieces at the intersection of the strings decreases string friction and increases stringlife.

"Since I use this product my strings last at least twice to three times longer."

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  • Advantages

    • Decreases string friction and wear.
    • Doubles  the life-span of your strings.
    • Prevents the strings from moving around.
    • With string savers of different colors (transparent, black, blue, yellow, white...) you can draw logos on your racket. See our examples.
    • You will not have to string your racquet or go to the tennis-shop that often.
    • You can increase the tension of your strings.
    • You can play with better quality strings (more touch and power) without spending more money.


    string-a-lings string-a-lings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it allowed to use these string-savers (also called string-a-lings) during a tournament?

    • Yes: "The strings shall be free of attached objects and protrusions other than those utilised solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear and tear or vibration, and which are reasonable in size and placement for such purposes." from the ITF rules.
    • Do the pros use string-savers?

    • Some pros like Sampras, Hewitt, Henman, Rusedski use string-savers. But as they get their strings for free from their sponsors or they can afford it, they don't use them the same way as players who have to pay for the strings. They add them between points to their racquets when they see a string is going to break and they want to finish the game or the set with that racquet.
    • Do the string-savers modify the weight of my racquet?

    • They have almost no weight. 120 pieces weight less than 1g. They are made of resistant light polyethylene.
    • Won't the pieces fly away when I hit the ball?

    • Due to a special moulding technique they firmly stay in place.
    • Won't all the saver drop-out when my strings will finally break?

    • Usually only around 5 pieces near the rupture-point drop out. That means that the remaining string-savers are reusable.
    • I don't break strings that often, why should I use these string-savers?

    • You will be able to play with better (thinner) strings, which give you more touch and power. Pro players use jauge 7 to 7,5 (1.10-1.20 mm). Recreational players use jauge 9 (1.30-1.40 mm).
    • Why can't I find this product in the nearest sport-shop?

    • Usually sport-shops won't distribute this product because it would reduce their income on stringing and string selling. In some shops you can find them, but 10 or 20 times more expensive than here.
    • How to use the string-savers?

    • With the help of the mounting-tool put the string-savers in the center of the racket on a 10x12 pattern.
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